language services


- Several language combinations:

Thanks to our team of native-speaking and bilingual translators, we translate, mainly, from a foreign language into Portuguese and from Portuguese into a foreign language.

Thus, we work with some of the most common language combinations, such as: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch ↔ Portuguese.

However, through a large network of professional and seasoned translators, we are also in a position to provide translations in other languages, including Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, etc.


- Several fields of expertise:

We rely on a large team of professionals, specialised in a wide range of areas, including:

  • Information Technologies
  • Human Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Building and Construction
  • Law
  • Economics / Finance
  • Engineering
  • Industry
  • Technology
  • Tourism
  • Medicine
  • Marketing / Communication


- Different types of documents:

We work with all types of documents, from general, commercial or advertising texts to technical, scientific, literary and legal ones.



We translate and adapt the textual content of websites, software and apps to the language and culture of your target market.


Text revision, proofreading, editing, and processing

We perform the revision and linguistic accuracy of your texts, we check the quality and consistency of other translations, and we prepare your texts according to the formatting rules provided to us.


Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting

We also work with professional interpreters who have great experience in events, conferences and meetings.


Terminology and glossary preparation

We identify specific terminology of the domain in question and we compile glossaries, assuring that the consistency is kept throughout the whole project by using computer-aided translation tools (CAT tools).


Audio and video transcription

We convert audio and/or video recordings into written text from digital files of hearing sessions, conferences, interviews, etc.


Certified translations

Whenever required, we certify our own translations through Portuguese notaries, solicitors or lawyers so that they could be recognised legally and/or abroad.  This is the case, for example, of certificates, diplomas, contracts, etc.


Language training

We provide training for foreign languages. Contact us for more information.


Computer-Aided Translation tools training

We provide training for different translation tools to all professionals of this domain. Please feel free to contact us.

organisation of events

We provide secretariat and translation support to the organisation and promotion of academic, institutional or business-oriented events.